About btIX:

Bhutan Internet Exchange (btIX) is a membership based, members funded, and non-profit association of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) & Network Operators in Bhutan. While the groundwork for the establishment of btIX has been going on for the past few years, the association was formally established on 7th December 2017 under the guidance and encouragement of Ministry of Information and Communications.

btIX objectives :

  • Promote Peering/Interconnection among local Network Operators and ISPs for exchanging local Internet traffic by establishing and operating an Internet Exchange Point
  • Create the environment and encourage large content providers to install their content caches within Bhutan for better user experience
  • Foster and build relationship with other Internet Exchanges, Internet Associations, and Internet Registries to build local capabilities
  • Share knowledge on operational best practices among the members and the end users for the benefit of the Bhutanese Internet community

MoU & Ammendment