Reduced transit purchase costs

Organizations connecting to btIX can negotiate to exchange a proportion of their traffic with other members via peering.

Reduced Delay

By connecting the customer directly to exchange, the number of hops between the customer and ISP or content providers, is reduced, leading to higher-speed.

Lower cost per Mbps of connection capacity

btIX can offer much higher capacity and scalable bandwidth connections and enable large volumes of traffic to be shipped to a customers more quickly.


It becomes increasingly attractive for members to aggregate their traffic to btIX rather than having to implement & maintain multiple links to carriers or content providers.

Better routing

ISPs or content providers who exchange traffic by peering with each other reduce round-trip delays & enhance value to the all users in Bhutan.

Greater resilience

By peering, members will gain connectivity to the many other members at the exchange, and can therefore spread the risk of any single provider’s failure.